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Mercury S.r.l. is an Italian Trading Company which imports gifts, houseware and home accessories from China and South-East Asia. It was founded in Genoa in 2002, by four members with a ten year experience in this field . In 2003 , Mercury Srl opened its Representative Office in Shanghai, a strategic location for this kind of market. The Head Office in Genoa includes a 11.000 m2 warehouse and a large showroom where the whole Mercury Collection is exhibited. Mercury Srl Sales network is made up of selected Company staff as well as by skilled professional Sales Agents. The Company Catalogues, which include home accessories and daily used items as well as Festivity decorations and gifts are renewed three times a year, allowing customers to have a wide range of choice and quality items. Each item included in Mercury's Catalogues is accurately studied , selected and completed by Mercury Staff and Leadership Team, both in Genoa and Shanghai. Each step of the process is carefully checked, from the selection of the item, its production, its packaging to the loading for shipment and final storage in the warehouse in Genoa. Mercury Srl, has undergone a significant change and growth in the past years, reaffirming its valuable importance in China as well as in Italy, also offering its customers a door to door service directly from its Shanghai Office . The direct involvement in Asia and Italy of Mercury's shareholders in the selection of samples , buying process as well as in the Sales Division, places Mercury Srl at the top of the list in the field of Gifts & Home accessories import trade from Asia. Mercury's priorities are to satisfy its customers and to provide unique Italian Design items at the most competitive price on the market . As far as the Retail Market is concerned, the ratio between high quality and competitive price is the winning gear. With the help of skilled, reliable and trustworthy staff, Mercury selects the best products at a reasonable price, building day by day a strong and well founded relationship with its valued customers.For the above reasons, Mercury has become one of the leading Companies in Italy, in the home accessories and home fragrances market, with modern and tasteful products, sold at very competitive prices.

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